Welcome to Stark Software

Stark Software specialises in the development of customised software.  We produce quality customised software that is easy to use and meets your unique needs.

The developers at Stark Software have more than 40 years combined software experience. We have a diverse portfolio of clients from a wide range of industries.  This experience equips us to develop a solution that will satisfy your most demanding  software requirements.

Are you adapting your business operations to fit in with the software that you are using?
Is your existing software an expense to the business rather than an asset that contributes to the efficiency and profitability of your business?
Have you developed your own software solutions and as the business has grown this software cannot cope and has become too time consuming to maintain or even use effectively?

Have you had a previous bad experience with customised software development?
Have you had software developers promise all sorts of functionality, only to receive a system that is delivered late, is slow, full of bugs, and needs constant expensive maintenance to keep it running?
Have you felt that a customised software project is nothing more than a big black hole that swallows cash?

Stark Software does Software differently

We produce software that  :

is delivered on time and on budget
works exactly the way you want it to - software that takes into account your unique business model and can adapt as your business goals and needs change
meets your requirements - the requirements for your software is set by you, not by someone who does not understand your business
improves productivity and efficiency within your business
is easy to use - no costly training sessions that affect staff productivity
becomes an asset to the business and not a huge cash-draining cost centre
can easily be maintained, changed, or upgraded whenever your business needs change

If your business is being constrained because the software you use does not "fit" the needs of the business, or your existing software costs are simply too high, please feel to contact us at Stark Software. We will show you how you can  improve your business productivity and efficiency by developing and implementing software that is an asset to your business and will not become a monthly cost to the business. Stop compromising. Stop molding your business to your software. Stop paying exhorbitant  maintenance charges for software that does not contribute to the profitability of your business.

 Invest in your software, not our company.    

Our Experience 

Clothing Manufacture Wholesale Distribution
Debt Collection Fabric Retail and Wholesale
Golf Club Membership Wholesale Pharmacy
Timeshare/Points Advertising Agencies
Building Administration Micro Lending
General Accounting Health and Wellness
Waste Management Function Hire

Advantages of Customised Software from
Stark Software

Software that meets the needs of your business - NO COMPROMISES
Software that is an ASSET to you rather than an on going cost 
Software that is EASY to use - no costly training needed
Software that can GROW with your business
NO monthly/annual costs or any other fees
NO additional charges each time you add a user
COST EFFECTIVE changes can be made at any time

For more information about how we can help you implement software that is right for your business,  please email us - click here

Last Updated 27/03/2018